**Due to the rising cost of food, Calhoun County School District will raise menu prices effective January 1, 2023. The changes are as follows:
     Students     $ 1.25
     Adults         $ 2.25
Students     $  2.50
     Adults         $ 3.50


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Calhoun County School District consists of Bruce Schools, Calhoun City Schools and Vardaman Schools. With the addition of the Calhoun Career and Technical Center, the Calhoun County School System is providing quality education to the whole of Calhoun County.

The school district serves approximately 2,400 students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. We have seven individual schools under one school district and over 400 dedicated personnel are employed by Calhoun County School District.

We hope you will find the information on our website meets your needs. If you're looking for information that you can't find, contact us and we will be glad to help.

Parent Survey

Bruce Elementary Schoolhttps://forms.gle/tPXBzHKHxg27txeh7
Bruce High Schoolhttps://forms.gle/Hq5y43dxg71ft6r39
Calhoun City Elementary Schoolhttps://forms.gle/ooJmdo7jF7TLxx1w9
Calhoun City High Schoolhttps://forms.gle/nGdTe3oeYgiUJ32v9
Vardaman Elementary Schoolhttps://forms.gle/eRabdePppzFqynZa9
Vardaman Elementary School (Spanish)https://forms.gle/TGUfnTqUoYzk96QB7
Vardaman High Schoolhttps://forms.gle/MuEg3FQGMSRZBLiq6
Vardaman High School (Spanish)https://forms.gle/TCwXBxgKFrdmMsVB9